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Pagisto's non-disclosure agreement, also known as a non-disclosure agreement or NDA, saves you time and, most importantly, money when creating one for your business. Whether you're a startup or a medium-sized business, Pagisto Docs makes the design and creation of non-disclosure agreements more efficient and cost-effective. With our form, we offer a document that has been reviewed and co-developed by our partner, thanks to ongoing collaboration, legal changes are implemented immediately and the timeliness is guaranteed.

Step by step form

With the help of a step by step form that asks all the important questions, you will be able to complete your non-disclosure agreement in no time. That way you do not have to pay a lawyer to have everything that is needed for the document to be legal. If you still wish to get in contact with a lawyer we highly recommend our partner Jan-Henrik Boslak.

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Pagisto Docs | NDA
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Jan-Hendrik Boslak

Jan-Henrik Boslak is a lawyer since 1999 and has managed more than 600 business law cases. He got in contact with Pagisto to compose a special NDA for our customers that is customizable but also includes all necessary formalities for it to be legally binding.

Kanzlei Boslak
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Jan-Henrik Boslak is an expert in German and international law. He is specialised in business law and economic law.

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