Boost your BNI events

Pagisto Event is a versatile ticketing tool with helpful features to support your BNI region. From a single party to a workshop series to a D/A/CH conference, Pagisto Event is already helping several BNI regions in Germany with their implementation. We offer everything from an event landing page, ticket sales, ticket shipping and free backend accounting in a comprehensive toolbox. Why wait, in four easy steps to your first event.

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Register/log in at
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Buy the project in the Pagisto appstore
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Create the first event in your project
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Sell the tickets for the event
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The billing takes place at the end of each month.
6 Reasons to choose Pagisto Event
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Easy and quick to your event

Your BNI region's workshops and events are online and ready to be booked in minutes. Additional events can be created quickly with the help of the duplication of dates.

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The money goes directly into your pockets

With Pagisto Event, the revenues of your event flow into your deposited accounts, so you can quickly dispose of the funds. You can see your income in our accounting tool. Of course, we also offer the possibility to create free events. Which payment providers we have integrated for you? Have a look here.

A computer screen with ticket icons inside.
Ticket sales are fully automated

We at Pagisto support you with an automatic ticket dispatch, immediately after the purchase the member will receive a confirmation email including his ticket and an invoice for the price you set for the ticket.

Two tickets with a dollar sign.
Individual tickets - customized to fit your event

Pagisto Event allows you to design your prices 100% yourself, graduated prices help with group rates and with further input fields you organize your event content or query the member's chapter.

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Your event is designed the way it should be

BNI compliant corporate design and the possibility to include an event overview on the region website make Pagisto the perfect partner for your BNI region. What is possible for your event, we show you here.

A money icon which is crossed, symbolizing the absence of basic costs.
No recurring fee or contract period

At Pagisto Event there are no recurring fees, you can use our online ticket sales for free. You only pay the booking fee when you sell a ticket and it always stays the same. This makes Pagisto Event a good tool for collecting breakfast money.

Payment methods for your customers
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A script role symbolizing an invoice.
A cash Icon showing multiple bills.
Fully automated accounting tools and invoicing are included for all your event projects.

With our integrated accounting tool, you keep track of the registrations for the BNI workshops. We have integrated an export function for you that processes .csv files for use in accounting software such as DATEV. In the accounting tool, you can view tickets and invoices for all your members and resend them manually if needed. Cancelling a ticket is also done here with just 2 clicks and a corrected invoice is ready for download.

Your event's landingpage

With Pagisto Event your event gets a free landing page. You can design this landing page in the BNI corporate design and adapt it to your region.. Which changes have the desired effect on the design, you can read in our help centre (currently only available in German).


Whether integrated into your website or as a stand-alone page - Pagisto Event is your ticket store with the greatest possible design freedom as far as your landing page is concerned.

Pagisto Event BNI
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