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Pagisto Docs is a collection of documents, contracts and forms that can be customized to your needs. The new easy way to create a document efficiently but individually catered to your needs.

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We are looking for specialists who will work with us to create documents that result in a final individualized document based on gap texts, variables and special rules - i.e. from various inputs that need to be modified individually for each document.

The following documents have been created to take work off your hands and make your work more efficient.


Documents that we are currently developing

Procedural documentation for the DSGVO

Commercial leases and private leases

Your advantage as a partner of a Pagisto Docs document?
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You will get higher visibility as you and your company will be mentioned as partners through our website

Layout for an event landingpage.

You provide the raw data needed to create the document, we create the system and sales base

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You get a flatshare of the revenue peruse/creation of a document you have helped create

Advantages of your customers and users of the my.pagisto platform
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Always up to date documents, changes in the legal basis are implemented as quickly as possible

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Lowered costs, since our docs documents do not include counselling fees

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Fully customizable, changes can be made to the docs with little effort

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Whenever a change is made to the form, the customer is informed about it and a new version can be created

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Each document is created quickly and easily, saving labor and capital investment

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Each change in the document creates a new version and an unchangeable change history

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All documents can be edited and downloaded at any time and from anywhere (cloud solution)

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